America's Loss is Canada's Gain

31 Jan, 2018

After US President Donald Trump’s order
to federal agencies regarding the Visa regulations, the situation could
move ahead with an expected turnaround. The Buy American Hire American
Order from Trump has sparked many as he exclaimed Visa’s to be provided
only to the Highest paid and highest skilled persons. The H1B program
provides to offer jobs for non-American workers in specialized fields of
Engineering, Science and Information Technology. There is a vast
difference in Governing policies of the United States and Canada. A
Couple of weeks ago, Canada reiterated its stand to make it easier for
Canadian Organizations to welcome internationally talented people. This
was discussed during their Budget summit. Canada’s Global Talent Stream
which comes under the Government’s Global Skills Strategy is set for
action effective June 2017. As the US Government cancelling the Premium
Processing Option of Visa applicants and with the H1B Visa type taking
an approximate time span of 3 to 6 months for clearance, the vision of
the Tech world is on Canada.

Canadian Visa selection is different
from that of its US Counterpart. In Canada, the authorities select
applicants based on merit and for H1B applications, lottery system of
selection is handled. The demand exceeded supply by one third last year.
For the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and International Mobility Program
(IMP), the Canadian Government has assured to offer $ 279.8 Million
over the period of 5 years and $ 49.8 Million a year subsequently. From
these mammoth programs the companies functioning in Canada might hire
foreign workforce. As the Canadian Technology outfit is already under
rapid growth, Trump’s decision and executive order’s every week prove as
a pillar of strength for Canadian outfits. In an innovative and
promising environment as such as this one, People from all over the
world may well look ahead to Canada for their Future. Talented techies,
fear not, many IT Corporations around the world and also those from the
United States have planned to set up satellite offices in Canada.

Ivan Cardona,
President of Opticca, a Consulting and Technology company in Montreal
said “The crackdown seems to be focused on ensuring future H-1B visas
apply only to highly skilled labor. This means foreign workers will
likely have to develop an expertise in an emerging technology that is in
high demand, or become an expert in a specific but mature solution with
a low penetration of the market of the US, or become a very senior
resource in your domain or vertical. This last scenario is harder to
achieve as it requires a long term investment, we believe the change in
laws could be a very big benefit for Canadian companies with large
consulting practices, as well as the highly-specialized firms, because
Canadian firms will still be able to continue to propose a mix of
on-site and off-site resources.” The other important aspect of Working
in Canada is the opportunity they’ve got of acquiring Permanent Citizenship. Usually well-educated and skilled employees looking for a future overseas might find their dream coming true in Canada.

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