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Shine Your Light


04 Nov, 2021
04 Nov, 2021

Thu Nov 4 2021 at 12:00 am to 01:30 am
(India Standard Time)

Shine Your Light, 3 November | Online Event | AllEvents.inShine Your Light

Join our multi-sensory, self-reflection and guided meditation workshop for your well-being.

About this Event

Diwali is a festival of the light which dispels the darkness of our ignorance. It is a time for inner reflection, celebration and connection. The light of Diwali symbolises the path of truth and righteousness, and reminds us to shine our light bright during these challenging times.

Join embodiment practitioner and founder of YSM8, Poonam Dhuffer for an evening of self-discovery and reconnection in a compassionate space. Together we will be lighting the lamp of love, compassion and kindness in our hearts so we can dispel the dark forces within us, so we can take better care of ourselves and in turn our communities.

This workshop will explore:

  • How to find the spark in yourself and light the spark in others
  • How to reframe our inner dark qualities and nurture the light within ourselves
  • Why lighting a lamp reminds us of our interconnectedness to our communities and the world around us
  • How to cultivate sacred rituals brings us inner peace and calm our chaotic thoughts
  • How to release the things that no longer serve us
  • The power of collective prayer
  • Spiritual teachings from Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism to nourish our wellbeing

The workshop will involve invitations from Poonam for you to engage in embodiment practices, which often will include self-awareness exercises, journaling and self-compassion meditation.

These practices are offered with the intention to increase self-awareness, cultivate self-compassion and reconnect with yourself. Please note that these activities (in the same way as speech/chat) are always optional, and remember to only ever do/ share what is comfortable for you.

What you will need:

 A candle / tea-light, incense and matches

A journal/notebook and pen

 A quiet area in your home where you can be fully present

A fully charged computer, tablet, or mobile phone with good Internet access

 Use head/earphones for a more intimate experience

A comfortable place to sit

How it works:

Grab a ticket and we will send you joining details with the Zoom link 24 hours before. We will also send you reminder emails, so please keep an eye on your junk folder just incase!

You will get access to the recording for 48 hours to replay and watch in your own time.

YSM8 values

1.Connection: we're all here to explore, observe and reflect in an open and compassionate space

2.Kindness: we speak with love and kindness towards each other and about ourselves

3.Practicing non-judgement: we're all doing our best mate

4.Cultivating compassion: we all make mistakes and we all suffer. We're all human, mate!

5.Respecting differences: we respect the diverse opinions of our community. We are one in our shared humanity, but our lived experiences are richly nuanced, dynamic and diverse - especially for PoC and marginalised peeps. We all belong here.

6.Openness: we stay curious, recognise the beauty in vulnerability and embrace opportunities to grow.

7. Wholesome: we take care of ourselves and our community

8. Letting go of fixing: imagine that nobody in the room needs fixing including yourself

9. Protecting confidentiality: we don't discuss outside the group what individuals share in the session

Poonam leads this course as a wellbeing practitioner, researcher and facilitator. The intention behind these workshops is to build self-awareness. You are the only person who can make a change in your life. These workshops and discussion space will give you the tools and space to do the inner work - but it's up to you to make the commitment to yourself.

Please note: These workshops are not therapy or counselling. It does not offer 1-2-1 support, address trauma or mental health challenges.

About YSM8

YSM8 is on a mission to help you develop your self- awareness, reframe your mindset and deepen your spiritual practice through workshops, events and coaching. We're here to help you celebrate your whole self, embrace your vulnerabilities and express yourself honestly. We uplift each other by caring for our community and ourselves.

Poonam Dhuffer is an embodiment practitioner and founder of YSM8,, a community care platform rooted in compassion, kindness and oneness. After spending five years at global trend agency WGSN, Poonam stepped into her power by carving her own path as an embodiment practitioner. YSM8 has delivered workshops and talks for Converse, Beats By Dre, The Digital Fairy, Gal-Dem, Mind Mental Health charity and Moody Month, as well as holding spaces for Black, brown and POC communities. She has also consulted for global brands such as IKEA, Nike, Depop, The Future Laboratory,

Poonam believes in self-healing, sharing lived experiences and universal guidance from global teachers and The Masters. She practices embodied self-awareness, cultivating self-compassion, element healing, mindful creative practices which are rooted in holism.

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Good Stuff our clients and community say about us:

"The workshop SO SO good. Thank you for delivering such a great session with some real eye openers and moments of realisation! A couple of my team joined and I saw them putting boundaries into action straight away which was really positive to see. It's just what we needed at M&C Saatchi and has been one of our most popular Together Network sessions to date" - M&C Saatchi

"I have found the YSM8 Loving Kindness guided meditations to be incredibly powerful. Poonam creates a safe, calm, non-judgmental space. She hosts the sessions in such a way that allows me to trust and open up to the process of grace and peace that Loving Kindness practice can offer. YSM8 and Poonam have allowed me to process and accept challenging thoughts and emotions, and to access a place of peace within myself. " - Community feedback

"I learnt some interesting concepts from YSM8 workshops. Poonam guided us through the meditation very well and created an extremely open and peaceful atmosphere for us to look inwards. I am someone which finds it difficult to switch my mind off, but I felt completely at peace and almost entranced during the meditation. I left the session feeling light and like I was floating on a cloud. " - Community feedback

"After the session, many attendees (including myself) shared the pure emotional power of the shared experience, & how connected they felt; even if it was virtual. Lots of loving tears were shared & we all couldn't be happier for doing so." - The Trampery

"Poonam's nourishment workshop for our team left me feeling truly rejuvenated. This workshop was so accessible, left me feeling so capable and so ready to bring these practices into my everyday. The lovingkindness meditation was particularly powerful, and I opened my eyes and felt a physical difference having been guided through such a positive and generous experience. I'd highly recommend Poonam's sessions - her tone is warm and friendly, and has just enough wit paired with depth that you feel immediately at home, without feeling irreverent or awkward. Can't wait for my next session." - gal-dem

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