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Women's & Men's Love Circle: Shiva - Shakti

151 Sterling Road - Studio 4 Toronto, ON M6R 2B2 Canada

20 Apr, 2019
20 Apr, 2019

Shiva Shakti Love Cirlce

Chris Dub & Mandika Divya are back to
hold space for you to fully experience the Shiva & Shakti within
you. We are gathering to bring deeper balance to the Male & Female
Polarities within us. Feel your masculine container grow and expand as
the femine creative life force flows through you. We will dive in
together to the journey of experiencing greater balance with our Female
& Male Energies, as we heal aspects of our nature that have not been
thoroughly nurtured.

Kundalini Partner exercises called Venus Kriyas
will be a powerful journey into Shiva & Shakti energy. If you did
not come with a partner we will make sure to pair you up. This Love
Circle experience we will work with Venus Kriyas, which are powerful
yogic techniques for partners that utilize the male and female
polarities that exist in all of us.

With 4/20 upon us we will be celebrating this
sacred unifying connection with Infused Cacao Cups made by Holistic
Nutritionist Bryan Hardy.

Ecstatic Dance will follow as we move and
groove to ground ourselves and celebrate how far we have come on this
journey. This is a great oppurtunity to fill your cup up with love
vibes, move, shake , stretch, frolic and dance about as your enjoy
yourself liberated and free.

We are calling in Balance, Wholeness, Prosperity & Unity


7 pm Arrival

Welcoming - Smudging - Hugs

Opening Circle

Protection Mantra's

Kundalini Yoga For Balance of Shiva-Shakti energy, Nervous System & Glandular Balance

Prosperity Mantra

Venus Kriya's (Kundalini Partner Exercises working w/ Shiva Shakti Energy)

Shiva Shakti Invocation

Cacao Ceremony

Ecstatic Dance Party

Soundbath Meditation Cooldown w/ Shiva-Shakti Heart Activation

Closing Circle


11:30-12:00 - Social and Your Glorious Departing Time

This experience will weave together sacred women’s
and men's talking circle, mantras, kundalini yoga, breath work,
movement, reiki heart activations and a few surprises. We will also work
in partners for a a few powerful partner Kunalini Venus Kriyas! YES,
there will be an incredibly relaxing shivasana with meditative sound
bath journey and a powerful cacao ceremony.

Food Available, including Fresh Blackbird Sourdough Bread.

Energy Exchange:

Early Bird = $30

Love Bird = $35

Love Bird At Door = $40

We have a beautiful, comfortable, cozy yet large
space available for the event and are expected to have a full house.
Please purchase your tickets in advance to ensure a spot.

Purchase tickets at eventbrite

Location: 151 Sterling Road - Unit 4

Chris & Mandika have several years experience
hosting Women’s & Men's Circles and are very excited to offer a
space where this growth, we are all experiencing on a universal level,
can be integrated in a sacred space for both women and men to come
together and rise collectively in pure and divinely balanced
unconditional LOVE!

Love Hosts:

MANDIKA DIVYA is a Reiki Master Teacher with 20
years of clinical practice. Mandika's specialty is training and creating
Reiki Master Teachers. She is a psychic medium that offers Divination
Angel Readings, a Past Life Regression Therapist with associates degrees
in Holistic Nutrition & Natural Medicine.

She has a deep passion for raising the collective
frequency by attuning, activating and healing the Earth and all its
inhabitants. Mandika sings and recites ancient Sanskrit mantras through
sound healing. She has been in performance arts since early childhood,
including acting, modelling and singing in ancient Indian dance for 30

Mandika actively trains regular Reiki classes and
treats many clients on a one on one basis for a deep personal connection
and profound transformative healings. Her passions are learning yoga,
psychic surgery and creating love portals where Divine Universal Energy
Flow may enter and thrive on this Earth collectively! Join Mandika in
one of many transformative spiritual healing retreats being offered in
Canada and in beautiful high vibrational portals of the world.

CHRIS DUB has been consciously walking the path of
self realization since becoming very ill 8 years ago. His body suddenly
began to purge physically, emotionally and mentally in an intense
process which created dramatic changes and shifts of consciousness.
Although an incredibly painful process, it allowed him to become in
touch with the essence of his spirit and follow the path of service that
resonates most with his heart.

Chris is a certified Yogi Bhajan Kundalini Yoga
Aquarian Teacher & Yoga Alliance certified. He has a diploma in
Social Work and has worked in the field developing and running after
school programs for youth relating to healthy living, he has worked as a
Teacher’s Assistant and public speaker in elementary schools. Chris has
undergone intensive breathe work, bodily cleansing, meditation and
self-inquiry to move through chronic pain and find deeper depths of self
love over the past 8 years. He works 1 on 1 with clients to develop
more self-love through self-awareness practises. In these sessions you
move through stress, become aware of self-defeating beliefs, emotional
repression and access the core of your heart. Chris is passionate about
bringing rituals to your daily life to assist in tuning into the heart
frequency so you can make decisions based upon what resonates with this
vibrational frequency.

Chris is a public speaker with a focus on
empowerment. He teaches Kundalini Yoga & Other Classes weekly, run’s
meditation classes, primal movement classes and hosts the Sacred
Brotherhood Men’s Group. Chris is the co-creator of Yoga Unites Burrito
Rolling Project which does outreach work with the homeless and supports
many heart-centered community events. He is a spoken word artist and
conscious hip-hop performer. Chris is the former Owner and Creator of
Dub’s Deals Buy & Sell & Space Coordinator of The Mermaid's Den.
He is also the Operations Manager at Popbox MicroMrkt in Toronto.

Check out www.consciousnessnow.ca to learn more
about Chris and the services he offers. Also check out Consciousness Now
& The Burrito Rolling Project by Yoga Unites Facebook Page to be
kept up to date with the events he host's, co-host's and that are run in
the Toronto Spiritual Community.

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